Call for Questions in a Special Q+A Session

This year at EuroVA, we will have a “Special Q+A Session”! It will have the participation of Helwig Hauser, Jörn Kohlhammer, and Daniel Keim, who will be on the podium answering your questions!

Here, we ask you for questions that will be collected for the special Q+A session. Please use the following form to submit your question. Thank you!

Link to the form

Types of questions that may be desirable (not limited to):

  • Provoking questions
  • Questions about the past, present, and future of VA
  • Questions about how VA relates to another research field (e.g., Machine Learning)

Question ranking criteria

  • Scientific content is preferred over meta and organizational aspects, and career questions
  • Questions of attendees will be preferred
  • One question per participant will be selected (to foster heterogeneity and inclusivity)
  • Provoking questions will be preferred
  • Short and concise questions will be preferred

We are looking forward to having this special Q+A session with you in person in Rome!

This is an excellent opportunity for Ph.D. students, academic practitioners, and enthusiasts of VA to have their questions answered by VA “super-stars”! So take your chance to make your question(s) one of the selected for the session, and spread the word about this initiative!