Program 2023

Note: All times are in Leipzig local time (CEST)




EuroVA Session 1: Opening, Keynote speech, and Best Paper
Chair: Marco Angelini


Chair: Marco Angelini and Mennatallah El-Assady


Bridging AI and Visual Analytics

Alvitta Ottley

10:05 – 10:10

Best Paper Award

10:10 – 10:30

ShaRP: Shape-Regularized Multidimensional Projections
A. Machado, A. Telea, M. Behrisch


Coffee Break


Session 2: Paper session 1: Patterns and Multidimensional Projections
Session chair: Jürgen Bernard

11:00 – 11:18

Human-based and Automatic Feature Ideation for Time Series Data: A Comparative Study
J. Schmidt, H. Piringer, T. Mühlbacher, and J. Bernard

11:18 – 11:36

ChatKG: Visualizing Temporal Patterns as Knowledge Graph
L. Christino and F. V. Paulovich

11:36 – 11:54

Extracting Movement-based Topics for Analysis of Space Use
G. Andrienko , N. Andrienko , and D. Hecker

11:54 – 12:12

Multi-Ensemble Visual Analytics via Fuzzy Sets
N. Piccolotto , M. Bögl and S. Miksch

12:12 – 12:30

Nonparametric Dimensionality Reduction Quality Assessment based on Sortedness of Unrestricted Neighborhood
Davi Pereira-Santos, Tácito T. A. T. Neves, Andre C.P.L.F. de Carvalho, and F. V. Paulovich

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:30

Session 3: Honorable Mention Paper and Panel
Session chair: Mennatallah El-Assady

14:00 – 14:20

A Methodology for Task-Driven Guidance Design (Honorable mention)
Ignacio Pérez-Messina, Davide Ceneda, Silvia Miksch

14:20 – 15:30

Panel: “Disrupting the Status Quo: Provocations in Visual Analytics”

15:30 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 17:30

Session 4: Paper session 2: Decision-making and explanation
Session chair: Andreas Kerren

16:00 – 16:18

A Practical Approach to Provenance Capturing for Reproducible Visual Analytics at an Ocean Research Institute
A. Bernstetter, T. Kwasnitschka, and I. Peters

16:18 – 16:36

A Visual Analytics Framework for Renewable Energy Profiling and Resource Planning
R. P. Pammi S. Afzal H. P. Dasari M. Yousaf S. Ghani M. S. Venkatraman I. Hoteit

16:36 – 16:54

KidCAD: An Interactive Cohort Analysis Dashboard of Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases
M. Höhn and S. Schwindt and S. Hahn and S. Patyna and S. Büttner and J. Kohlhammer

16:54 – 17:12

Scaling Up the Explanation of Multidimensional Projections
J. Thijssen and Z. Tian and A. Telea

17:12 – 17:30

Why am I reading this? Explaining Personalized News Recommender Systems
Sverrir Arnórsson, Florian Abeillon, Ibrahim Al-Hazwani, Jürgen Bernard, Hanna Hauptmann, and Mennatallah El-Assady

17:30 – 17:40

Marco Angelini and Mennatallah El-Assady