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The EuroVA Workshop Proceedings are published by the Eurographics Association and are archived in the Eurographics Digital Library.

All EuroVA publications can be found here:

Extended Selected Papers of EuroVA 2017

Extended versions of selected papers of EuroVA 2017 have been published in a special section on Visual Analytics in The Visual Computer journal:

An additional extended version has been published at arXiv.

Best Papers

  • 2018
    Visual Exploration of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Tweet Topic Popularity
    Jie Li, Siming Chen, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko
  • 2017
    Visual Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Data in Ophthalmology
    Martin Röhlig, Paul Rosenthal, Christoph Schmidt, Heidrun Schumann, Oliver Stachs

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